Spare parts

Thousands of items for many brands in the industry

Spare parts

ASTIN is a very complete supplier for the corrugated cardboard industry. Our range is extremely wide and rare within our industry for two main reasons: the variety of different items and the knowledge to work with most brands on the market.
Our spare parts warehouse includes thousands of items for most brands on the market, with special care for common wear items like knives, blades, cylinders (feeding rolls, printing rubber rolls, anilox and ceramic) and our polyurethane products: feeding wheels and no-crush wheels and anvil covers.
Other spare parts may be crucial, even if they are not standard consumables: belts, cleaners, motors, gears and other mechanic drawing parts, bearings and special seals and basically whatever is part of an equipment for the corrugated cardboard industry.

Polyurethane anvil covers

No-crush and feeding wheels


Glue and anilox engraved rolls

Feeding and printing rubber rolls

Timing and feeding belts

Ink and glue pumps

Mechanic parts by drawing