Anvil covers

They improve over time

Anvil covers for rotary die-cutters

Polyurethanes are a wide family of elastomers and they can have different features according to the specific components.
Some of those materials have a unique resistance to tear and wear; thanks to these features they were the best choice to produce die anvils since the first ages of the Corrugated cardboard industry.

All throughout its history, ASTIN devoted great care to the development of a specific formulation able to maximize those properties. The result is a product which is recognized as a reference standard in our industry, widespread all around the world, and which represents our brand: the ASTIN anvil covers for rotary die-cutters.

ASTIN anvil covers are produced after a simple but very accurate recipe:

the internal fiberglass net is needed to keep the dimensional accuracy, against the natural instinct of polyurethane parts to vary their measures with temperature changes. The fiberglass net is very light, making it easier to move anvil covers;

our production department is equipped with computerized casting machines up to the state of technology: they ensure the consistency of our production quality according to the special formulation developed to get the longest lifetime of anvil covers, and the best cutting quality;

the part number and the production date are indicated on the internal label;

quick and easy installation thanks to the special jig-saw joint.

Our production of anvil covers was started in the 80s.

Such a long experience was always devoted to the development of better and better formulations, aiming at two main goals: the maximum lifetime of anvil covers (that is improving their resistance to tear, cut and wear) and the quality of cutting on the board, given by a proper penetration and come off of the blades into polyurethane.

Our long experience in the corrugated industry, and our activity in several different countries, brought us to build up hundreds of different moulds, to produce anvil covers for any machine on the market.

Our moulds are produced by our own workshop, so that we can react very quickly to any new need. They are subject to continuous maintenance, to prevent any possible defect due to wear.

To get the maximum quality level of anvil covers:

anvil covers should be stored correctly, avoiding humidity, temperature changes and direct sunshine;

place the anvil covers on machine at least 2 or 3 weeks after production, to respect the seasoning time and get the maximum of their potential;

all polyurethane features improve with time: there is no expiry date for this kind of product.

Usually, the brand, the model of the machine and with the original part number, are enough to identify the correct anvil covers; in case those info are not available or
not enough, anvil covers are identified by the following measures:

the diameter of the cylinder on which the anvil covers have to be installed;

the dimensions of the slot on the cylinder (width and depth);

the width and thickness of anvil covers.