For over 40 years
in the corrugated cardboard sector

ASTIN has been serving the corrugated cardboard industry for over forty years; located in Tradate, in the hinterland of Milan, boasts a vast number of customers throughout Italy and abroad in which it is a timely, professional and accurate service of technical assistance, maintenance and overhaul of machinery.

ASTIN builds printing units, die-cutting units, Slottermatic groups and any existing line on the market.

More than forty years of market presence have allowed us to “make bones” in the corrugated cardboard industry.

Production, assistance or overhaul of machinery: we give life to your carton, for a product with its full potential.

The attention to detail with which we approach each new project is your best guarantee.


A growing market

The countries of the world where we currently offer our services.


Direct producers

The quantity of products made entirely in our factories.

Our products

An entire range of products for corrugated cardboard: polyurethanes, strips, spare parts, cutlery. Find the perfect joint for your machinery.


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